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League Rules

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1 League Rules on Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:37 pm


Everyone must READ and accept these rules. Make sure you actually read as there have been some changes made.

Game Play Settings

Difficulty: All-Pro
Quarter Length: 7 Minutes
Accelerated Clock: 15 Seconds
Weather: On
Injuries: On
Advance Days: Mon, Wed, Fri @ 11:00pm EST

In-Game Rulebook

1: The main idea of the league is to promote "Sim" game-play. If you don't understand what "sim" play is, then you probably shouldn't be in this league.

2: To go along with "sim" play, no glitching, cheesing, or cheating of any kind will be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, nano blitzing, turbo blitzing, and rocket catching.

If you feel you haven't gotten a fair game, please bring it to the staff's attention. We cannot do anything to resolve an issue if we are not made aware of them.

Please know that every complaint will be address, however every complaint may not be resolved or punishment may not be handed down in conjunction with your view of the situation. Provide your complaint and then move on without any ill-will.
Video evidence is always the best route. I cannot stress this enough. If you can get video of the offense, then we can easily figure out who is in the right & who is in the wrong.

3: Never run up the score. We take this VERY seriously. A blowout is described as follows: 28+ points in the 3rd quarter, 21+ points in the 4th quarter.
You are required to work toward ending the game painlessly if you are involved in a blowout game. This could require you to punt the ball in different situations, run the ball 3 straight plays and punt, etc. If you happen to force a turnover in a blowout game, you may NOT score. You need to run the ball out of bounds or go to the ground, and continue the game as previously defined. You do NOT want to be accused of running up the score. Period.

4: Fourth down policy. Please review & know this by heart.
You may go for it if one or more of the following conditions is satisfied:
1) At any point that you are inside your opponent's 5-yard line and you are not winning by more than 9 points.
2) At any point in the 4th quarter in a game where you are losing.
3) At any point you are inside the 35 yard line (no-mans land) and it is 4th and inches and you are losing by more than 3 points in the second half.

If the game is a blowout & you have no realistic shot at coming back, please use common sense. Don't make matters worse for yourself.

5: Play Calling
Whether you are on Offense or Defense, we are trying to call ourselves a Sim league.
1. Diversity is key! Use as many formations/plays as possible, do not use the same play repeatedly whether you are on offense or defense just because it works! If you can't expand your game then this league is not for you! Players found to constantly use same plays over and over will be subject to Player Suspension or removal from AGS!
2. Offense vs Defense
We should not see an Offense come out in 4-5 WR Formation and Defense come out in 34, 43!

You should match personnel within 1 on almost every play!
Example: IF Offense runs 3 wr set you should be in 2,3,or 4 CB set. If Offense runs 2 wr set you should be in 2 or 3 cb set. All in all this rule is to stop people from using 3-4 4-3 defense against 4-5 wr set or dime vs 2 WR set which is not sim nor realistic.

6: Home teams must wear their home colors, away teams must wear their away colors. There are no exceptions to this rule.

7: You should not use no-huddle offense unless the situation calls for it. For example, 2 minute drills near the end of the first half and the end of the game.

8: You may run the clock in the following situations, keeping in mind that you need not always take the clock to 1 second left:
It is the 4th quarter and you have a lead.
It is the 3rd quarter and you are involved in a blow out.

9: No ridiculous zones. You must always rush at least 2 players. This can be a combination of DL/LB/CB/S.

10: Please do not over-use Madden audibles. You shouldn't need to adjust 10 things every play.

11: No fake punts. Period.

12: No players are allowed to manually be moved by the receiving team on punts and kickoffs prior to the receiving team catching the ball.

Position Specific Rules

We will not impose strict position rules but with that being said, use common sense and do not abuse it. Once it becomes abused, we will need to implement strict rules.

Advance Schedule & The Schedule Forum

The league will advance every Monday and Thursday promptly @ 9:00pm EST. Staff will do all they can to advance right on this time, however certain situations arise that may delay the advance occasionally. It is the sole responsibility of each owner to ensure that your game is scheduled.
Do not make it so you have to be hunted down. If you have not scheduled your game within 48 hours & your opponent has tried, you will be warned & temporarily booted.

Your game must be scheduled to start by 10:00 PM EST on the day of advance. If you have not started by that time, your game is subject to being simmed as we will be advancing at 11:00 PM EST, with or without your game completed. We will not make it a habit to hold up the advance for owner(s) to complete their games. Please attempt to contact your opponent via multiple mediums (e-mail, site PM, text, etc). Each person is required to put their best contact in their profile information when they register. You can find any contact information available for each person on the forum.

Trade Rules

Each team is allowed a maximum of five (5) trades per season. ALL trades must be processed via Draft picks for the first two (2) rounds may be traded.
There will be a trade committee. In the event that a trade is denied, DO NOT complain or try to further justify the trade, simply try to rework the deal or move on. We will try to be as fair as possible. An owner's time with the league will also be taken into consideration while reviewing trades as we've had instances where new owners have joined , made drastic changes, and left the league. The trading format MUST be followed for all trades which is posted in the pending trades section.

Free Agency Rules

There will be a FA bidding period promptly after each Super Bowl via

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